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Founder of Southside Titans





My name is Robbie Diamond.  I want to take this time out to personally thank you for visiting our website.  As the founder of the Southside Titans,  My primary focus is to let the kids be kids.  Let the little Titan soldier boys play football, basketball, soccer, baseball, track & field and boxing with aspirations and dreams of what they choose to become someday.  Let the beautiful young diva ladies cheer their hearts out and play their basketball, soccer, track & field, softball and other sports with their cute little attitudes and purpose.  Let the parents have fun by becoming positive influences in the friendly Titan atmosphere.  Parents, don't forget to have fun with your children.  Remember to reflect back to the fun times you had as a child.  Let the coaches be not simply good, but great role models. Coaches, don't grow to old and forget to recall back on your little league days, your middle school and high school years.  While coaching our youth today, we must never forget our own childhood days.  As little boys...Now grown men, we will always have that one coach we will never forget and want to constantly thank. 




I've been involved in coaching for nearly 24 years.  I have six kids that went from being that little child to playing NCAA Division 1 sports.  One for basketball and the other five for football which includes my only son, Robbie Diamond Jr. who at this time, has successfully graduated with his degree while playing and completing his football career in Utah for Weber State University.  Prior to Robbie Jr's accolades and success, the journey at the time was so simple.  Take my only son to a neighborhood team and watch him hopefully develop at the then tender age of 5 years.  I wanted to bond with him and watch his character develop amongst coaches.  Overall my sincere wish was to watch him grow up, Keep GOD in his life, be conscious about doing the right things in life, become a leader instead of a follower and have fun in the things he sets out to do as an individual or within his circle of teammates.  What I thought was a simple approach became complex.  I realized while bonding with Robbie Jr. others would bond not only to him, but to me too.  I realized in other words that there were other little guys out there who were not always given those directions listed above.  I could tell in some of their little eyes that they wanted to have fun and have someone to bond with as well. The next thing I knew, I became a football coach. I started being a kid along with them.  Try to picture a grown man getting tackled by little kids.  I loved it and they loved it too.  I will never forget all the daddy's who would participate with our little men on the practice field all the time and the excitement in their eyes when they would try to tackle us.  I miss those days and still today, we need to bring this back.  While in my interim coaching years, I used to reflect back to my days as a little kid trying to grow up.  I remember the wins and losses.  I remember lining up with my fellow little league team mates pushing and shoving for drinks at the concession stand.  I remember when I was only 7 years old when our team never won a football game. I'll never forget the support of my coaches who believed in me when I didn't believe in us.  Despite losing, I'll never forget my parents and the other parents of the Lions (my little little league team) because they taught us that there is life beyond football. As a kid I will always remember the periodic pizza parties.  As an interim coach, I remember my teenage years.  I loved the cheerleaders, the basketball events and the baseball games.  I loved the bands playing. I loved the various teams battling each other on the football field (Go Douglass Trojans). I loved the battle of the bands.  I loved the various spirit ribbons, ball caps, sweatshirts, t-shirts and banners that described the pride and prestige in a school name.  I remember the mascots, the parents and other fans in the community at an event to support the athletic causes of their favorite team.




In my early to mid years of coaching, I firmly believed in the art of competiton.  Wins were fun. Wins were easy.  The losses were few. I'll never forget the Mighty Maroon Panthers that had a lot of pride and strongly believed that losing was not an option.  I loved the team pride, the chants that would make other teams know that the Panthers were coming.  As an experienced coach I would watch others view us in awe as we marched proudly wishing they could be a part of this experience we felt as a family.  Speaking of family. The Panther parent support was strong!!!  No parent or toddler child was without an official Maroon Panther t-shirt.  The parents knew the same chants the boys and cheerleaders knew. You could hear them chanting loud and clear about the faith they had in their coaches and the children seriously battling on the gridiron.  I loved the family events we shared.  The picnics, sleepovers, outstanding banquets, car washes, fundraising, White Water, Frontier City etc.  Most importantly we never would forget "The Tree."  We had good times by celebrating four of our original Maroon Panther boys into NCAA Division 1 sports along with others in attending other colleges for sports as well as the educational areas of academics.  We also had some unfortunate sad times that included the loss of one of our coaches.  We will never forget Coach Steven Green.  Rest in peace coach.  The rest of the Maroon Panthers will meet you soon in heaven.


Serving not only as a founder and a veteran coach, I've learned many things.  The game is the same, just different players and different coaches.  Coaches come, they also go.  Parents stay, others leave.  Most importantly, I believe in unity and not division.  The Southside Titans is a family.  We represent like a family.  As a matter of fact, I'm proud to have a daughter (Tatum) who also played a major part in this Titans experience as a player on our Southside Lady Titans basketball team.  We go through things as a family and we celebrate as a family.  To be a part of the Southside Titans, we encourage everyone to have fun and get involved.  This also includes inviting your personal friends and other family members into our family.  It doesn't matter if it's softball, boxing, baseball, soccer, basketball, cheerleading, track and field or football (from little league children to our adult parents), please participate!!!.  Whether we are at practice, at the games or serving and having fellowship in the community...Get involved!!!  We believe in family because there is life beyond football, track and field, cheerleading, basketball, soccer baseball, boxing or softball.  We support our family members and believe in our beliefs.  The Southside Titans family are true soldiers.  We endorse sportsmanship.  We develop young boys into responsible men while playing football, basketball, soccer, track and field, baseball, and boxing.  Our Lady Titan basketball players, soccer players track and field athletes, softball players and cheerleaders are young lady student athletes who transform from cute little girls into confident young ladies.  We are also so proud to announce that our newest leaf under our organizational family tree now includes our Southside Titans Track and Field team.  With all of that being said, our coaches stress discipline on and off the field.  We love and support our parents and fans because they give us their blessings to mentor all of the kids.  As you browse through our website, turn on your speakers and headphones and enjoy the music.  I sincerely hope you love our cause and what we are all about.  Our mission statement will constantly be visible at the bottom of each page.  I expect to hear from you soon. Welcome to the "Southside Titans" family!!!

Coach Robbie