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Baby Titans Team (Coach Robbie) Sunday, February, 11th @ 1pm vs. Primetime @ Municipal Gym Court #1

3rd/4th Grade Team (Coach Summer) Sunday, February, 11th @ 6pm vs. The Hustlers @ Municipal Gym Court #1

As a reminder, please make sure that all players are present at the gym ready to go at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the game.  We do play in the rain and snow.  Unless your head coach calls you, we expect to see you at the game.  All parents are asked to wear Titans gear or our official red, white, black, gray or blue Titans colors to the game.  Be ready to cheer and make some noise.  Go Titans!!!



The NBA All-Star game doesn't have anything on our Southside Titans Youth All-Stars!!!  To prove it, you will get a chance to see this bold statement with your own eyes!!!  On Tuesday, February 20th, both of our Southside Titans basketball teams will take part in a free paid admission to our eighth annual All-Star basketball extravaganza.  This year’s venue will take place at Woodson Gym.  Address is 3403 South May Avenue.  Before this big event, the kids will first and foremost take part in their annual basketball photo shoot which begins at 7pm at the same location.  This will be your opportunity as parents to purchase pictures for your children at a truly reasonable price.  Afterwards, the Titans coaches, secretaries and other staff members will take their photos.  Our final photo shoot will involve the entire Southside Titans basketball family which will be one of the best basketball pictures ever.  After the last photo shoot, we will go straight to the main attraction...THE ALL STAR GAME!!! This evenly matched game will involve Pre-K children as young as four years of age up to 4th graders.  There will be a unique 5 on 5 matchup with one player from each team from the various grade divisions.  What makes this game so special is that every age group involved on the court will learn the importance of bonding and working together as a team despite the age and grade variances.  We also will have great coaches who will take the ownership of either coaching or controlling the game as an official referee.  We guarantee you that you will be pleased at the conclusion of this game as you exit the gym.  We also want our parents, friend and fans of the Southside Titans to come out strong in their Titans gear as well as our official red, white, black, gray and blue team colors so you can support your child and all of our Titans basketball teams.  Below are the photo shoot times for each team.

Baby Titans (Coach Robbie) @ 645pm

3rd/4th Grade Team (Coach Summer) @ 7pm

Titans Family Photo (Everyone In The Gym) immediately after the 3rd/4th Grade Team

Please note that each team, along with their coaches, secretaries and parents needs to be present in in full uniform or Titans gear at least 30 minutes prior to your official time listed above.  In addition, each team will be sectioned off in the stands with their coaches.  Do not enter the gym floor at any time unless you have been advised by both your head coach and the team photographer.  This is extremely important so that the photo shoot can go through smoothly without interruptions.  We thank each of you for your full support.