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Welcome to Gospel Song Of The Day!!!  Below is the actual song and the artist.  Some of the music is current and contemporary while others are older songs of inspirational thoughts, reflection and devotion.  The fun thing about this page is that you have the opportunity to always determine the music on this site on a daily basis.  All we need from you is (1) the name of the artist and (2) the name of the song.  Click on the e-mail address below and submit your gospel requests to


The song will play all day for only one day.
  If you're song is selected as the gospel song of the day, the shoutout credit will be in your name listed on this site page below.  Feel free to complete the feedback form below and let us know what you think.  There is some music on this page of the website that may occasionally have wording that is not always deemed favorable. As a reminder, this website is for Mature Audiences.  Please get your parents permission to view and hear this website.

Gospel Song Of The Day
Walking Away
Patti LaBelle & CeCe Winans

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