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Our children our spectacular!!!  We love our coaches and secretaries!!!  We are thankful for our dedicated parents too. Let the world know by sharing your Titans recognitions!  You can add your comments at the bottom of this page.

9/4/12  I want to give the Weber State Wildcats and my cousin Robbie Diamond Jr. a thank you for the game they gave us here in Fresno.  They fought and endured, and that's all we could really ask for.  I also want to give my cousin, Coach Robbie and Kisha a safe trip back to Oklahoma and to the association they have made a big impact on.**JeVonte D. McKenzie

5/29/12  Jayden's older brother will be graduating high school tonight and for those of you that know Christian know he is a heck of a football player and on his way to college.**Tammy Nicholson

5/25/12  So proud of my son TreShawn.  He got an award for attentiveness, character and member of the year award both from the Boys and Girls Club.  Keep up the good work.**Tenicca

10/27/11  David Hunt was nominated for the districts gifted and talented program at school and takes his test next week to move up a grade.**Crystal Mccalister

10/19/11  Special Thanks to my husband, Coach Willie.  Thanks for your Love and support that you give not only to our son, but all the boys on the team (7yr-old Titans).  It has been an honor to be your secretary this year.  Remember that No weapon formed against you shall prosper.  And know that God sees your hearts desire for all the boys.  Keep working hard because you have helped change many lives this year.  Keep your head up high because you are more than a CONQUERER!!!!  Love you always.**Mrs Smith

10/18/11  Today is me and assistant coach LaVelle's birthday.  We will be out practicing today with the boys.  I thought I would let ya'll know we turned 26 today.  But we still recognize it's more than just a birthday...It's a day we was not promised.   So, on behalf of me, Coach Wight and Coach LaVelle, we just wanna say thank you.**Coach Lamelle White

10/10/11  I would like to congratulate all of the Titans from the players to the coaches and parents.  It takes a lot of dedication to stand out in the rain and watch your kids and coach your kids in that kind of elements.  We are a first year family with the Titans and we could not have made a better choice.  Thanks to the coaches and parents for doing everything you do, and to the boys for playing so hard.  GOOD JOB PARKER.  I CAN SEE THE IMPROVEMENTS YOU HAVE MADE.  LOVE DAD***Steve Fisher

9/27/11  Congrads to D'Eric "Katt Daddy."  He was student of the week the last day of school and the first week of school this year.  He has shown a lot of improvement in school and on the field.  I'm so proud of you Katt.  The White, Holmes, Turner and Jefferson Family loves you and wants you to keep up the good work!  Let's get it Katt! :-)!**Raquel White

9/27/11  I would like to recognize the 7 year old football team.  You guys have come a long way.  I'm very proud of you guys.  I see so much improvement everyday in you guys.  Keep up the good work.  Never let anyone tell you guys different, even if they are degrading you...Take it with a grain of salt!  You are somebody and you are winners!  Love you guys :-)**Raquel White

9/23/11  A big shout out to my boy ISAIAH WILLIAMS.  He is a 1st year TITAN and I'm loving it.  He's doing his own thang and looking good doing it.  Not only is he athletic, he keeps his grades up, and he is handsome too!!  LOVE YOU BABY!!!**Lawanda Stevens


9/12/11  Congrats to TreShawn for getting Star Student of the week.  Keep up the good work!  Love Mom!**Tenicca Berry

9/3/11  I would like to give a shout out to my son Emmanuel Kaniatobe and the rest of the Southside Titans.  They put in work and got what they deserved.  A big win against their rivals.  Even though I couldn't see it, I'm proud of all the boys.  Keep it up.  Titans #1.**Lawrence Kaniatobe 

8/5/11  Birthday shout out to my won WILLIE #9.  I LOVE U MUCH!  May God Bless U with many more...**Daneisha Smith

7/30/11  So glad football season is back on...Ready to get out there and support the TITAN FAMILY.  I want to tell all the coaches to  keep up the good work out there training our boys in this heat...#77 & #80.**Mayra Vasquez

7/7/11  Coach Robbie and all the dedicated coaches, you're doing a great job.  Keep up the good work and be encouraged and remember the word of the Lord says, Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.  Phillipians 1:6.  Thank you all for what you do.  Believe me, it isn't going un-noticed.**Ms. DeChelle Walker

7/7/11  A Great Big Shoutout to my #1 Grandson Willie "Binky" Smith #9, 7yr old Titans.  I'm excited about the upcoming season and being a part of the Southside Titans.  Love you Big Willie.  Grammie**DeChelle Walker

6/28/11  Looking forward to an AWESOME, FUN FILLED FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!  Titan Family Love!!!  Carnell (8yr olds), Darnell (7yr olds), and Larnell (6yr Olds)...Them Morgan Boys!!!**Jenifer Morgan

6/19/11  OMG!!!  It was a hot day yesterday, but had a good time with all the Titan family on a pre-practice at the field yesterday.  I am so ready for the season to start.  I wanna get out there and support my boys.  Luv U "Earth and Moses #80 n #77".**Mayra Vasquez

6/19/11  I want to recognize my brother, Dorian Vasquez AKA "Coach D" for always being there for me and my kids.  You have always been a good and great uncle to them and keeping them hooked on sports.  He's always trying his best to be the best and a good role model for his nephews, "Earth and MOses".  Love you bro, and thanks for always being there for me when I needed you the most.  Thanks once again Carnal :)**Mayra Vasquez

5/31/11  I would like to recognize Brandon Harper "Bubba" on his report card and doing well in school this year.  I love you son.**Christina Hickman

5/29/11  I want to say I'm proud of Jayden and Karrlicia for making A's and B's on their report cards.  Looking forward to a great football season.  Hoping cheerleading is a success also.  Go Titans!!!!**Tammy Nicholson

4/23/11  Shout out to my Titan Soccer Players!  Thank you parents and kiddos for your support and displaying your Titan spirit :O)  Thank you coaches for  your dedication!  GOD BLESS.  Your secretary**Christy Rains

4/15/11  HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY LARNELL #23 MORGAN!!!**Jenifer Morgan

4/15/11  I have attended a few of the Semi-Pro Games.  Awesome job Guys.  The young Southside Titans are looking up to you all as Role Models.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!  Looking forward to seeing all of the Titan Family Saturday for the Football and Cheerleading Clinic.**Jenifer Morgan 

4/15/11  My son D'Eric known as "Katt Daddy" has been having a rough year since the loss of his sister and brother.  He wasn't well at home nor school, but now he's doing better.  He goes to church more often and he understands now why God took them away so soon.  He loves listening to the song "Your Tears" by Bishop Paul Morton.  He said it reminds him of his brother and sister and that helps him get through the same.  Funny cause I feel the same way about that song and it gets me through my days too!  Keep the faith Katt.  I love you and GOD is ALWAYS by your side and your brother and sister are too. :)**Raquel White

4/11/11  What up Titans!!!  I would like to give a shout out to the Southside Titans semi-pro adult football team.  You did real good on Saturday.**Coach Willie Smith

4/11/11  My son Willie...He got all A's on his report card.  Daddy loves you.**Coach Willie Smith

3/10/11  Lady Titans Nastacia Taylor is Student of the Month.  Go little lady.  Keep up the good work.  Love you!**Tenicca Taylor

2/10/11  This is a shout out to Coach Nick, Coach Lou and Coach Robbie.  Thanks for a wonderful football season and now a kick butt basketball season.  Now on to BUBBA...U are doing so good in b-ball.  Ur such a team player and you're a great big brother!  We love you Bubba.  Love mom and Maggie**Christina Hickman

2/9/11  Happy Birthday Isaac Stallings.  He turned 8 today.  Keep up the good work on and off the court son.**Coach Stallings

2/7/11  I would like to thank GOD for giving me lil Willie, and I'd like to thank the coaches too**Coach Willie

1/25/11  Wanted to say wuz up to all the 10-11 year olds and Johnathan No. 32 is ready for another year of fun football.**Eddie Varela

1/6/11  Hello there Southside Titan Family.  My bad for such a short notice.  However, Reggie will be having his 6th b-day party this Sunday from 2-5 @ Century Skateland in MWC 300 Bizzell Ave. #732-0574.  Would be nice to see some Titans there, but if you can't make it we understand.  See you at practice.  Go Reggie it's ya birthday!!!!!  Please call (918) 373-0692 if you will be able to make it.  Thanks.  Titan mom** Mz Pooh

1/1/11  Way to go Southside Titans "A" team in the championship game.  Also, good game S.S. Titans "B" team for taking third.**B.J. Stallings

11/22/10  TreShawn Taylor is Student of the Month.  We love you Tre.  Keep up the good work!  Congratulations to my daughter Nastacia Taylor for starting basketball even though she was fearful.  We love you too! :-)**Tenicca Taylor

11/16/10  I have known the founder of the Southside Titans, Mr. Robbie Diamond, since I was around 11 years old.  I first met him through his son who was and still is a good friend of mine.  He has always been a cordial and generous man in my experience.  Honestly, I struggle to think of a man whom I have met that is a better example of what a Christian man should be.  As a young boy, I unfortunately lacked a father figure, as do many other children today.  Mr. Diamond merely through his encouraging words and fatherly presence, was a blessing in my life.  Needless to say, Mr. Diamond served the purpose of providing a respectable man after whom I could model myself.  I aspire to one day be such a great example for younger generations to follow.  Sincerely,**Jon Davis

11/4/10  I wanted to let everyone know that Marshall (#65 Baby Soldiers) is Student of the Month at his school.  Thank you Marshall for being such a terrific child.  I love you!!  Mom**Sallie VanStavern

10/21/10  What about dem 11yr old soldiers?  If nobody tells U...Keep ur head up and keep up the good work. It will pay off in the long run.  Trust and believe...God Bless**William R. Scales.

10/16/10  Well wishes for my small soldier #72 Alex Dickson!  Way to show your strength and love for your team, playing a tournament on a broken foot without even shedding a tear.  Hope your back on the field soon!  We love you!!**Kendra Dickson

10/12/10  Hey Fam.  I will like to give a GREAT big CONGRATS to my son WILLIE #9 (BABY SOLDIER) for getting all A's on his report card.  Keep up the good work son.  Love Much...Love, Your #1 Lady your mother**Daneisha Smith

9/21/10  Congrats to da "Baby Soldiers."  We are on top of things keepin it 3-0..  Coaches good job.  And to da "Small Soldiers" Coach Robbie's team, good job too.  Let's keep it up TITANS CUZ EVERYBODY LOVES US. U AIN'T MESSIN WIT DA TITANS.  YEA...#77 & #80 ENRIQUEZ BOYS.**Mayra Vasquez

9/18/10  My lil brother Mikey...I love u!!!!!! Number 12 played a great against the Hurricanes.  Michael Wilson #12**Sassy

9/17/10  I want to say to all the coaches that you are all doing a good job.  Let's keep it going all the way to the top.  To all the kids, you are all doing a good job.  Don't stop.** Coach Willie

9/15/10  I want to thank all the staff and especially all the coaches for all the hard work they do with all the kids during practice screaming and yelling to them...Especially mines "LOL."  Good work coaches.  Keep it up.**Mayra Vasquez

9/15/10  Good job to #77 Eric "Earth" Enriquez.  Keep up the good work son.  To all the Small Soldiers, good job Titans.  Let's get it on because "we are ready."**Mayra Vasquez 

9/14/10  I want to recognize Moises.  Thanx baby for doing a good job mijo #80...Mom is proud of u.  Luv u lots.  Keep up da good work "Baby Soldiers."**Mayra Vasquez

9/14/10  To all my sons...Some black, some white but to Coach Juice you're alright.  Love you like you mines.  O yeah, can't forget #29.**Coach Juice

9/10/10  Congratulations Willie #9 (Baby Soldier) for holding straight A's this semester in school.  I am very proud of you.  Keep up the good work son.  Love you much. Your mom.**Daneisha Smith

9/3/10  I'd like to give recognition to Reggie #7 (Baby Soldier).  First year of playing football and loving it.  Taking what he does so serious at the age of 5 and learning new things everything.  Thanks for not waisting mom's money son.  You're a jack of all trades, and don't stop now.  Be smart, respectful, and take your manners/home training everywhere you go.  Remember, God is watching, and mommy got you.  Love your mom!**Ms Pooh #7's mom

8/26/10  To Coach Robbie:  I would like to say Thank you for creating such a wonderful football league.  I remember you coaching when I was a little girl.  I never thought my son would come up under your league.  I asked GOD to place my son with a good team, and Thank GOD he plays for the Southside Baby Soldiers (Willie Smith #9).  Under the great Coaching of Coach Juice and all his Staff.  So I say Thanks and I pray that GOD Bless You for all your great work and efforts.  Sincerely,**Daneisha Smith

8/25/10  I am proud of our Southside Titans Family.**Coach Willie

8/19/10  Son, I want you to know that I am proud of you.  Keep doing a good job.  Keep a willing heart to learn more about the game of football.  And #1, Keep GOD first.  Work hard lil Willie #9.  Love always, your father.**Coach Willie

8/19/10  To My Oldest Son Willie (Binky) I want you to know that I am proud of you.  One thing I want you to remember...In order for you to continue to be the best players every, you have to keep GOD first.  Fore he will Love you when no one else will.  In all you do, be HUMBLE and GOD will be there.  I Love You with all my heart.  Love Always, Your Mother**Daneisha Smith

8/18/10  Just want to give a Great Big SHOUT OUT!!! to my Grandson Willie Smith #9 Baby Soldiers 2010, First Year Titans and doing an AWESOME job.  LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU!!! and I A PROUD OF YOU!!! Love Your #1 FAN "GRAMMIE". **DeChelle R. Walker

8/18/10  To Coach Robbie, I've known you for many years and want you to know that I didn't think we'd cross this path again, but I am so grateful my grandson is in your Southside Titans League.  God Bless You!!!**DeChelle R. Walker

7/14/10  I just wanted to send a shout out to all my "S.side Titans Fam"!  I love my fam bam!  We have the Greatest Coaches, the Bestest (Lol) Parents &  the MOST Awesome kids on the planet!!!!!!  They can't hope but recognize Greatness!!  "Our team Good, Our team Bad, Our team do things that YOUR team wish they could" LOL!  (hope that's rite...)  Can't forget my lil dude, baby Soldiers "Trey #28", Momma loves you, You make life worth living!!  Let's go, S.SIDE!!!!  Love Simone' (U Kno!)

3/15/10  First off, I wanna say to my beautiful young children Leilani and Julius (JT) Pruitt that your mommy and daddy are very proud of you guys.  You are great in the classroom and you are just amazing on the court.  Some of the moves you guys do to those other players needs to be on ESPN.  Keep up the good work like I know you will.  Love you much.**JULIUS and Kelly Pruitt

12/22/09  Robbie,
I just got back and saw the beautiful clock you left for me. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, it was not necessary but greatly appreciated.  The little bit I have given is nothing compared to the HUGE amount you give every year. I will always support you in your efforts to reach out to any young man.**Karen E. Craig

11/30/09  Robbie, I so love to see the Titan family all together - it helps to see your work in action all at once - so many trickles of good going thru so many families.  Your speakers were fantastic - really nice to listen to them.  I'm so sorry I had to leave early, but thanks for getting me in to give you your prints and thanks so much for my clock - your organization is certainly one i enjoy giving my TIME to.  You are such a blessing to know and I'm so thankful to be associated with your organization...til next time**Staci

11/6/09  I would love to thank God, Coach Robbie and each individual of the Titans organization for giving back to the children of the community.  May God Bless You.**Dad

10/28/09  I would love to recognize Izajah Swain for his hard work in school.  Izajah is getting an award on Friday, October 30th.  Izajah's mom and dad are so proud of you and we want to make sure you keep up the good work!  GO IZAJAH!!! #8**Anjenee Swain 

9/28/09  What you know about those Baby Soldiers?!?!?  I mean our Titans really did it up this weekend.  We've added another trophy to our collection and our boys are getting tons of experience & exposure out there!  Let's keep supporting them the best we can!  And on Yeah...#44 is the TRUTH.  You Go SEAN!!!**Star Sierra-Carmona

9/17/09  I want to thank the coaches, team members, and cheerleaders of the 10yr old team.  You guys and girls are working very hard and have displayed a great deal of endurance thus far.  Keep up the great work.  I would also like to congratulate Isaiah #20.  He will be receiving an award on September 26 @ 10am for a piece of art work that is being displayed at the OKC State Fair.  I am so proud of you!  I love you**Mom-Sondria Gaddis

9/5/09  I want to say Happy 15th Birthday to my chocolate baby Karlisha McCauley.  She was one of the original Southside Titans Lady Cheerleaders.  Enjoy Del City High this year.  Love your mother-Birdy

8/31/09  I would like to recognize Caleb White for being selected Line Leader at his school "for making wonderful choices" and his teacher says he goes above and beyond to do the right thing and is always willing to help.---Andy White

8/19/09  I just want to thank the Southside Titan family for welcoming us to Oklahoma.  We are a far way from home and you all have made us feel like we are at home.  I want to especially thank Izajah #8 for working hard and doing the best that he can!!  MAMA LOVES YOU IZAJAH!!!!-Anjenee' Swain

8/18/09  Congratulations are in order to our Baby Soldiers!  They are doing such a spectacular job.  Big Bad Sean you made Mama so proud!  Hats off to our wonderful coaches and support staff--you guys are the glue that holds this family together!  I REALLY AND TRULY LOVE YOU GUYS!!!-Star Sierra-Carmona

8/18/09  Great job this weekend at the round robin Baby Soldiers.  Coach Hughes was really impressed with  you.  A special shout out goes to Jayden Hughes.  He scored 15 touchdowns and had a total of 700 hundred yards rushing.  Like the other opponents were saying, watch that #7.  Mom and Dad loves you.  Keep up the good work.-Joel Hughes

8/17/09  I am so Excited for our Upcoming Season!  I am so Happy we are a part of a such a Wonderful team...Thanks to all the Dedicated Coaches & Team Parents for all the Love & Support!!!  Let's go Baby Soldiers...I love you Trey #22 "Lil' Jitterbug."-Simone' Farris

8/16/09  Congratulations to the Baby Soldiers for winning runner-up in the 2009 Preseason Gridiron Classic-*-*-*-Momma Love you Kylan-The BEAST-Nakia Gist

3/20/09  Congratulations to Ondray Canady Jr. for winning the league spirit  award.  You are a joy to watch.  Watching you and your kindness and love that you show makes my worries in life seem like nothing.  You are an inspiration to me too-Coach Robbie

3/17/09  I am really diggin this website.  I think this is a wonderful organization.  I would like to see more like this.  Keep up the good work.  GOD BLESS-Niaeshia Nunley

3/16/09  Congratulations to Roderick Hopkins & Deontay High for being selected to represent the Southside Titans Baby Soldiers basketball team in the 2009 All Star Game.  You boys make us proud-Coach Robbie

12/8/08 Congratulations are in order to the Lady Titans 4th/5th grade basketball team on their first-but not last - Victory! Go Ladies!!  I'm a Proud Team Mom!-Frandelind Shoals

9/29/08 I would like to say congratulations to my son (Taylor Johnson) for playing such a good game on Sunday.  I'm really glad that he stepped up and played like he knows he can.  Great job...And Tyler has really been doing a good job as well.  I want to thank all the coaches for pushing the boys to be really good players like they know they are.  We have really come a long ways on the football field.  Keep up the good work TITANS...Love Shirell Bell

9/6/08 You are the mastermind!  Thanks for ALL you do Robbie. W/O you, these kids would be missing a HUGE part of life and more importantly....BELONGING ! YOU are PRICELESS-Staci, your #1 photographer

7/20/08 God bless you for putting your inspiration in the kids who can still make a difference in the world.-JeVonte' D. McKenzie 

5/26/08 I would like to say how proud I am of Robbie...That little boy who loved playing dominoes has become such a great man! I wish we had more black men stepping up.  I know you have touched so many lives and years from now a man will be telling his son what you did for him.  God bless and love you much-Patty 

4/1/08 Rhey, you did it again...At some point his grades began to drop but upon his receipt of his report card, his grades has gone up at least two letter grades...Keep it up...Keep him first...Acknowledge...Allow him...He will-Love mom 


3/23/08 Coach Robbie I just wanted to let you know that James and I had a wonderful time Saturday.  I enjoyed watching James have a good time.  I think I will enjoy being a part of the Titans family.  You may have noticed, but I am a bit shy and it takes me a little time to warm up and get comfortable.  I can't really wait to really bond with the rest of the members.  I hope you had a wonderful Easter!!-Tamesha Preston.


3/18/08 Hey yall I just wanted to say that I LOVE yall and I just miss yall.  I HOPE that EVERYONE COMES BACK and I hope the grown ups come back too to this year.  We will be much more better and yall mean so much to me and the Titans is a family to me.  The teams need to work with all their strength and muscle and work hard at your sports job.  This is for the 10 year olds because they can do everything they want to do.  I LOVE YALL-Kierra

2/23/2008 Coach Robbie, first I want to let you know that you are awesome!!  Thanks for being the kind of coach that my boys admire and respect.  You are an awesome influence in their lives!!  Best regards-Mrs. Bernard 

11/21/07 hi and i just wanted to say congratulations to the 10 year old titans so much and ya'll work so hard happy past birthday kavaughn see ya'll at the banquet love ya'll.-kiera guevarra

11/21/07 I just wanted to say good job to the 10 year old Titans this year even if se didn't make it to the finals.  You guys still did a good job and I know next year you guys will be even better.  Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.  See you guys at the banquet!-Veronica Uson

11/7/07 Just wanted to say thanks to the staff, coaches, parents, football players and children for your love, support and dedication to the Southside Titans for the 2007 season. I'm looking forward to our annual banquet in December. I can't until 2008!!!-Coach Robbie

11/21/07 I just wanted to say good job to the 10 year old Titans this year even if se didn't make it to the finals.  You guys still did a good job and I know next year you guys will be even better.  Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.  See you guys at the banquet!-Veronica Uson

11/7/07 Just wanted to say thanks to the staff, coaches, parents, football players and children for your love, support and dedication to the Southside Titans for the 2007 season. I'm looking forward to our annual banquet in December. I can't until 2008!!!-Coach Robbie

11/21/07 I just wanted to say good job to the 10 year old Titans this year even if se didn't make it to the finals.  You guys still did a good job and I know next year you guys will be even better.  Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.  See you guys at the banquet!-Veronica Uson

11/7/07 Just wanted to say thanks to the staff, coaches, parents, football players and children for your love, support and dedication to the Southside Titans for the 2007 season. I'm looking forward to our annual banquet in December. I can't until 2008!!!-Coach Robbie

11/6/07 WHO ARE WE! The 8 yr old soldiers, I would like to Congratulate them on their Victory of Winning 3rd place in Championship playoffs. And a Big Thanks to the coaches and parents for rooting them on throughout the season in spite of. Coaches and parents you know who you are Keep up the good work.-Shameka Veasy

11/6/07 To my 2 beautiful children, Aaron and Erionna Veasy, job WELL done throughout the football season both on the field and in class, continue to stay foused throughout the year and know that Mommy and Daddy Loves U BOTH. Also Happy BIRTHDAY to AJ ON 11-16-2007.-THE VEASY'S

11/6/07 To my 2 beautiful children, Aaron and Erionna Veasy, job WELL done throughout the football season both on the field and in class, continue to stay foused throughout the year and know that Mommy and Daddy Loves U BOTH. Also Happy BIRTHDAY to AJ ON 11-16-2007.-THE VEASY'S

 10/28/07 I just want to say congratulations to the 10 year old Titans team on making it to the playoffs this year.I also want to say good luck on the playoffs and hope you guys win!!!!-Veronica Uson

 10/22/07 I want to send a huge thank you out to my son, Tristan Wise. My grandmother passed away last Friday and Tristan immediately stepped up to help our entire family. Tristan attended the funeral today as the only representative of his generation and they were short a pallbearer. Tristan
begged to be given the job. Tristan performed his job with respect and love. Tristan's sense of responsibility and respect for himself and others has developed and improved a lot since he joined the Titan team and I want to thank each of the coaches for that as it is your examples that have helped to mold Tristan into the responsible and respectful young man that he is. A huge thank you again to Tristan for being the shining example of Grandma Opal's great grandchildren. You have made our entire family very proud of you.-Robin Barnard

10/4/07 I wanted to say how thankful I am for the opportunity to be a part of this Titan family. This is my son, Tobey Jr.'s first year in football. Although it started off "rocky", Tobey has made the commitment to be a Southside Titan. I am so proud of him for keeping his grades in order and his behavior has improved since being on the team. Thanks coach!!! My daughter, Kiarra, is on the cheerleading team and is loving every bit of yellin, screamin and doin her thang at practice and the games. "you go girl"!! I love both my kids with all my heart and I am so proud of the both of them...I want to send a special shout out to Tasha and Jordan Jackson...we love you and thanks for being in me and the kids life.-Cynthia Morton

9/29/07 Happy birthday Ferdinand!!!  Coach really had a good time. I wish I was a kid again!!!  I felt like a little kid again playing at Incredible Pizza.  Enjoy your 10th birthday.-Coach Robbie

9/27/07 Kavaughn, I just wanted to congratulate you on your first tackle.  I am so proud of you!!!  I am also proud of you for getting it together at school and doing better.  Keep up the good work.-Love Mom and Dad!!!  

9/27/07 Just want to wish Ferdinand  Uson a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Titan Team:  Sorry not enough invitations, but all of the 10 year old team is invited to Incredible Pizza on Friday 9/28/07 @ 5:00 pm for the birthday party.- Mom & Dad

We would like to wish Daniel Brown a Happy Birthday on 09/17!  He will be 8 years old.  We would also like to congratulate him on his award that he has already recieved this year and all of his wonderful accomplishments last school  year!!  We love you and keep up the good work.
- Love, Mom and Dad

8/28/07  I just want to say good job to my brother Ferdinand Uson and another good job to Kavaughn Guevarra my nephew,for doing a nice job on their first year of football.-Veronica Uson

8/27/07  To my brother Robbie, Wish you a great season. Lets go Titans lets go.
- Anthony & Kelly Orosco - Diamond...

8/8/07  I your mother just wanted to wish you a spectular year....the accomplishments, the growth, improvement, and maturity that you have exhibited.....to the world's greatest child name Rhey Happy 11th Birthday...
Mighty Man of God!-Cyndy Roberts

8/1/07  I want
to personally share my love and admiration to the TITAN FAMILY of 2007.  Thanks to all the coaches for your leadership while I'm away.  Everything is so seamless, smooth and well ran.  It feels so good to know that we can still "represent like a family" despite my absence. Thanks to each of  the team secretaries for your ability to keep things so organized. To my web admin, team relations person and fundraiser chairwoman, thank you so much.  Thanks to all the parents who have been voluntarily taking on assignments without being asked. May GOD continue to bless each of you and keep you all blessed and highly favored.-Coach Robbie

Coach Robbie you are one of the greatest male figures in my children's lives with your constant guidance and wonderful examples.  You know that Takota came from a football team that had won many trophies but I didn't like the attitude of some of the coaches. We came to the Titan's last year and even though we didn't win many games we found a team that has excellent coaches that work hard at not only teaching each player football but leading and defining good examples for each player for how a man should conduct his life. That is why we are staying Titans until middle school, because of the coaching staff. I'm sure that we'll win many games this year but even if we don't the life lessons that the coaches teach our young boys is the greatest gift of all. Thank you for being such a great example of all of your young Titans!!- Robin

7/14/07 I would like to acknowledge all of the big soldiers for their hard work and efforts at practice. Each of you are showing determination and team work. Great job boys!!-Robin

6/25/07 Takota Wise is having a birthday party!  Click the link below for the invitation.  

6/5/07  I would like to congratulate my son Kameron Parker-Hill for making the Superintendent's Honor Roll for the 2nd semester in a row.  Good Job!-Angela Parker

5/24/07  I would like to recognize my son, Tristan Wise, for all the hard work he has done over the past few months to improve his asthma so that he can play football. Yesterday at school he earned a prize for running 20 laps around the play ground!! He has really worked hard to develop his endurance. Great job Tristan!!- Robin

4/30/07 First of all, I want to thank everyone who attended and participated in our April Picnic.  There were between 150-200 people total. That's how we represent like a family!!!  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped put this together to make this a great success.-Coach Robbie

4/6/07 I want to congratulate Chase & Jada for making the President's Honor Roll at Ralph Downs Elementary!-Nadia

4/5/07 I want to thank my son, Takota Wise, for being a very responsible young man.  As he has been very helpful to me as I struggled with some health problems during the past month.  Thanks Takota for being a big help!-Mom

4/5/07 I wanted to express my thanks to Coach Derwin for taking ownership of the Spring Camp in March.  The kids really loved it, and you are being asked to conduct another one.  I also want to thank all the other Coaches who performed their roles.  Thanks to all the parents.  A special thanks to all the new kids and new parents who joined the Titan Family.-Coach Robbie

4/5/07 I want to thank all the coaches for thier hard work building our young Titan men at the March football clinic!!-Robin

3/22/07  I wanted to wish RJ a happy 10th Birthday!  You sure are getting bigger!-Coach Robbie

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