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Sports Enrollment Form

Do you have a child that is wanting to be an athlete for the Southside Titans?  Below is your opportunity to accurately and fully complete the form and sign up your child(ren).  If you have more than one child wanting to participate with us, please fill out the sports enrollment form one at a time for each child.  If you only have one child but wants to participate in more than one sport, you must also fill out each sports enrollment form separately.  Please note, our teams fill up really fast so pre-enroll now and don't wait until the last minute.  It may be too late.  Once you submit the form, a Southside Titans staff member, head coach or secretary will be in contact with you within 72 hours.  Thanks in advance for signing up.  Welcome to the Southside Titans!!!

What is your child's current age and grade?

If you have more than one child, please fill out one form at a time then resubmit a second form.
(1)  What is your child's full name and the date of birth including the year?

(2)  What is the parent(s) First and last name?

(3)  How can we contact you?  (We need at least 2 phone numbers. Cell, Home, Work, etc)

(4)  What is your e-mail address?
Which sport will your child be participating in. (Please select one)

Please note, if you select multiple sports, please fill out one form at a time before submitting.
Thank you for considering the Southside Titans Family.  How did you hear about us?